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Participate in the survey and get an advance copy of the report. Learn how the best performing strata firms are growing, and benchmark your firm within the wider industry.

Australian strata management firms are invited to participate.

Unique Insights

The research report will include data from across 300+ Australian strata management firms, big and small.

Original Research

To our knowledge, this is the only strata specific research project of its kind.

Safe & Confidential

No one will be identified in the report. All data is aggregated to provide a clear picture of the strata industry as a whole.

Full disclosure about our goals and objectives

Our vision is to see great strata firms be recognised as indispensable advisors to the the communities they serve, and owners feeling secure in their home. We contribute to this vision by providing marketing and communications services to strata firms to help them adapt to changes in how owners make buying decisions.

If great communities are choosing the right strata management firm for them, everyone wins.

Our research programs help us determine the gap between owners and managers, and informs how we design marketing programs to help management firms close that gap and connect with owners and committees.

While academic research from peak bodies is useful for describing the “state of strata living”, our research is designed to uncover practical insights to help strata firms grow and thrive. Our efforts are for the directors, leaders, and business developers who are in the trenches everyday striving to grow a successful business.

How we will use your data

To get real insights into the strata industry, we ask about a range of performance factors across your business; from company size, to marketing activities, current challenges, and future projections. We understand this information is potentially sensitive. All information will be collected and held in confidence and will only be reported in an aggregated industry summary. No responses will be attributed to your company.

We do ask for your name, company, and contact details. This will allow us to send you an advance copy of the report at the conclusion of our research. We provide an option to opt-in to receive future updates and insights we develop, but this is not mandatory and you can opt-out at any time.

Strata Next provides marketing programs for strata management firms. We use the insights of our research to better understand your challenges, the challenges of your market, and how we can innovate to better match our services to real bottom-line outcomes.

If great firms are also the most visible firms, then owners and committees can make better decisions on whom to work with and everybody thrives. It’s a win-win-win scenario.

No. When you complete the survey we ask you to opt-in to our future content. We share research, education, and insights to help strata firms and body co-orporate owners.

We also ask whether you’d be open to receiving a follow up call from us to 1) ask additional/clarifying questions, and 2) walk through the report and get your opinion on our findings.

Yes. If you opt-in and later decided you no longer wish to receive our content – every piece of content we send includes an option to unsubscribe from future updates.

About Strata Next

How we help strata owners and managers

Research & Training

We conduct research in cooperation with strata owners and high performing managers. In uncovering common concerns and best practices, we're able to provide education and training to the community to level the playing field and promote cooperation.

Communication & Marketing

Because we believe that good management firms should lead their market, we provide data-driven communication and marketing programs to help strata management firms connect with committees and grow their business.